Aeronautics Research

Arcata Aeronautics Research Support

While aviation pioneers Wilbur and Orville Wright flew the world’s first successful motorized airplane in 1903, Arcata has assisted NASA in its pursuit to “keep U.S. aviation first in safety, efficiency, and innovation since 2002.” It takes a highly skilled and dedicated team to reimagine air travel, safely introduce drone delivery into the national airspace, and find technical solutions to overcome the noise of supersonic aircraft. We are energized by these challenges as our employees are problem solvers with tremendous passion for their work.

Arcata Aeronautics Projects

NASA is testing Navigation Doppler Lidar (NDL)

The NDL will be used on next generation lunar landers. This technology enables a lunar lander to track velocity and distance to the ground as it navigates to the ground.  Arcata videographers and photographers captured test data and provided public affairs...