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What We Do

Arcata’s broad range of technical expertise and experience enables us to solve our customers’ most demanding problems and challenges. While we are most noted for our competency in engineering, Operations & Maintenance (O&M), Information Technology (IT), Multimedia, transportation, and logistics, we continue to expand the depth and breadth of our capabilities.

Arcata Areas of Expertise


We build, operate, and maintain systems that exceed industry standards and enable our customers to achieve mission critical success. Our engineering expertise includes system design and integration, and our expert team stands ready to support military and space mission success.

Operations and Maintenance

Arcata has been in the forefront of Operations and Maintenance on Range Systems for over 40 years. We not only provide the day-to-day sustainment of systems, but we also assist our customers’ operational readiness and extend the life of critical equipment and facilities with limited resources.

Information Technology

As a leading provider of IT solutions services, our IT experts are helping government agencies thrive successfully in today’s technology-driven world. We work hard to develop and maintain modern IT infrastructures that provide our customers with security, high performance computing, and data management.


Our award-winning multimedia specialists work to design and produce products that help our customers succeed.‌ ‌Our multimedia work includes full-spectrum creative and technical content that enable better training, public communication, and data organization for our military, space, and aerospace contracts.


Arcata stands ready to provide extensive transportation support that exceeds industry standards and keeps vehicles and heavy equipment maintained, operational, and ready for use at any time. Our vehicle operations and maintenance processes have increased vehicle and heavy equipment availability, boosted on time delivery, and improved driver safety.


One of Arcata’s specialties is to provide comprehensive acquisition, receiving, storage, and distribution services that include warehouse & property management. Our decades of experience in logistics and sustaining military equipment ensures mission success for our customers.

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Photo courtesy of NASA

I worked for my previous job for almost 30 years. In that time I migrated from a radar engineer to a project engineer to a supervisor and finally a senior manager. Coming to Arcata has allowed me to get back to my engineering roots. Both jobs were challenging but I have to say I look forward to work more now with Arcata than I did in my previous job. I get more satisfaction from solving technical challenges and I enjoy the camaraderie that I’ve developed with my co-workers.”

– Lorraine, Hardware Engineer