Arcata Engineering Services

Arcata performs system engineering that adheres to DOD and NASA Engineering standards to address complex and technologically challenging problems. Our processes ensure the proper design, integration, and management of these systems over their life cycle. 

Arcata software engineers develop and sustain applications for both Windows and Linux desktop environments, embedded systems, and web. We also perform database design, software maintenance, and provide technical support. Our personnel have development experience using C, C++, C#, Java, FORTRAN, Ada, and assembly. Our developers utilize a variety of web technologies and tools including C#, HTML, ASP, Perl, Java, JavaScript, Python, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, VB Script, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle.

Arcata’s hardware engineers are challenged to design and develop new systems as well as reverse engineer or find replacement parts for early 1980s systems, to include modernizing legacy analog systems with new digital technologies. Our engineers also support the development and integration of new communication, display and debriefing systems, radar, signal jammers, RF, telemetry systems, and video monitoring systems.

Arcata Engineering Areas of Expertise

Validation and Verification

Arcata provides an independent V&V function which ensures all system attributes either designed or changed are cross-checked against requirements before the system is distributed to users.


Technical Documentation

Arcata currently provides critical technical documentation for users as systems are upgraded, new enhancements are provided or to document system modifications.

Data Management and Configuration

Arcata manages the CM/DM processes on contracts where we are prime. Arcata engineers and technicians use in-house developed approved software tools which track scheduling, correspondence, CR/DR/SCR processing, and all tests, validations and closure actions.


Engineering Projects

Mobile Operations Facility

Lockheed Martin is developing NASA’s X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology (QueSST) airplane with innovative technologies to reduce loud sonic booms. NASA anticipates that these new technologies will be implemented on supersonic commercial passenger aircraft in the...

Radar Transmitter Upgrade

Our customer requested a radar transmitter upgrade for an upcoming mission.  A commercial purchase was not an option due to the long lead-time. In a team effort, Arcata engineers and fabricators designed and implemented a modification to an existing waveguide...

Mobile Telemetry Tracking System

While watching test missions from the Mission Control Centers, our customer experienced telemetry data drop outs from legacy fixed telemetry trackers due to line of sight and RF multipath issues when test aircraft were taxiing out for take off. Arcata engineers...