Arcata Logistics Services

For over 40 years, Arcata customers have entrusted us to manage the process to plan and execute the acquisition, storage, transportation, and accountability of essential items required to meet their mission requirements.  

Our acquisition expertise ranges from procuring a first article heat shield for a space vehicle to Electronic Warfare (EW) systems used for military test and training.  Our DoD procurement teams follow agency regulations and FAR Part 45 processes but also know how to properly acquire through commercial sources as well.  

Our customers rely on us to receive, store, and distribute assets to locations in a timely and efficient manner.  At one contract location we are responsible for over 50,000 supply orders per year and at another location we are accountable for over 29,000 items, valued at over $250M, stored in multiple warehouses over an area the size of Switzerland.  We are required to locate and touch any item requested by our customer within 8 hours.

We perform detailed monthly and quarterly statistical trends and problem analysis to ensure successful mission accomplishment.

Arcata Logistics Areas of Expertise

Warehouse Management

Arcata manages the inventory, storage, and distribution of assets for our customers.


Property Management

Arcata utilizes technological advances in asset management to improve accountability for our customers.


Utilizing our DCMA approved government purchasing system, we have procured products on behalf of our customers from space hardware to enterprise software licenses.