Military Transition

Transitioning to Arcata from the Military

Join the Arcata family and find a “job” that makes a difference

The Arcata Associates heritage has its roots in military support. The founder, Buck W. Wong, served in the U.S. Navy and worked in the aerospace industry developing rocket engines and military aircraft. From our inception, Arcata has been proud to employ veterans.

Are you looking for a way to apply your hard-earned skills and continue to advance critical military preparedness in your civilian life? Join the Arcata family today and you will be part of a community in which over 25% of our workforce are veterans. 

Transitioning from the military is easier when you can continue to contribute to National defense. We gladly welcome talented retired military professionals to help us integrate advances in science and technology in all our projects. Science, space, and military-support projects are all part of the diverse Arcata landscape, and we need people who are passionate and experts in these fields.

As a newly separated veteran, Arcata provided the opportunity to continue supporting the U.S. military.  In particular, the technical services Arcata provided were intriguing. However, the opportunity to watch stuff blow up on range is still the best part of the job!

– Scott, Manager