Arcata Multimedia Services

Whether it is capturing video or photographs upside down while pulling 3 Gs from the back seat of an F-18, recording a public affairs event for the NASA Administrator, or developing a website to welcome squadrons coming to a Red Flag, Arcata multimedia specialists are experts in their respective mediums.  Images captured by our photographers have been featured by Smithsonian Magazine, Aviation Week and Space Technology, and NASA social media, while our videographers have earned the coveted NASA Videographer of the Year Award multiple times for their incredible work.  Our Multimedia Engineers have designed and implemented large screen displays for Mission Control Centers as well as integrated video distribution systems for test and training missions.

Arcata Multimedia Areas of Expertise

Imaging Services

Imaging services that include products ranging from collages, large scale photographs, posters, and video.

Photo courtesy of NASA

Inflight Photography and Video Production

Arcata provides photographers that are certified to fly on-board aircraft in support of both photo and video documentation missions.


Audio and Video Technical Support

Board-level and component-level maintenance, mechanical adjustments, cable fabrication and installation, and other maintenance tasks as required.


Multimedia Projects

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

James Webb Space Telescope NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope will launch in 2023. With this telescope, scientists will observe the formation of the first galaxies and explore the dust clouds where stars and planetary systems are forming today. The infrared...

NASA is Testing Navigation Doppler LIDAR (NDL) The NDL will be used on next generation lunar landers. This technology enables a lunar lander to track velocity and distance to the ground as it navigates to the ground.  Arcata videographers and photographers captured test data...