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A technical services company that treats employees like family

Why Arcata?

See what our employees have to say

01 Mission

 “Supporting military readiness – Helping prepare warfighters.

03 Culture

 “The culture of professionalism, top to bottom. It makes all the difference.”

02 Family

 “Sense of family, not just an employee referred to by a number.”

04 Resources

 “Supervisors provide you with the tools to get the job done.”

Working For Arcata


When you work for Arcata, we know that our team is our most important asset, so we’ve created a comprehensive array of benefits designed to truly deliver for our employees.

Interview Prep

Before you apply, make sure you are ready for success. Read the Arcata interview prep, including our drug and clearance policies, so nothing is stopping you from working for Arcata.

Transition from Military

If you are retiring from the military but still looking to work on projects that support the DoD, NASA, and national security, join the Arcata family and find a “job” that makes a difference.

Arcata is an amazing company to work for with great benefits, a professional and caring environment, and opportunities to grow.

– Michelle, Technical Writer