Information Technology

Arcata Information Technology Services

Arcata provides IT solutions services for all levels of clients, from enterprise strategy consulting to managed infrastructure services., Arcata’s IT experts are helping government agencies cope successfully with today’s competitive realities and challenges. We do this by applying our expertise and proven, industry certified methodologies and tools to IT governance, information content and data management, software development and process improvement techniques, and infrastructure services management. All this is delivered through integrated, state-of-the-art, industry certified service delivery frameworks.

Service areas include:  Network Services; Data Center Operations; Communication Services; Application/Database/Web Services; Governance/Enterprise Architecture; and Information Assurance/IT Security.

Arcata Information Technology Areas of Expertise

Network Services

Network Architecture Development; Network Configuration and Installations; Integration of Current and Legacy Technology; Network Administration and Management including Network Operations Centers; and secure infrastructure operations with routers, firewalls, intrusion detection, and other network devices including LAN, CAN, WAN, WLAN, and SAN implementations.


Data Center Operations

Data center management to include help desk systems management, security, business continuity, and disaster recovery services.

Integrated Communication

Secure and reliable communications services including: Voice over IP (VoIP) and unified messaging; telephone and PBX operations; cable plant and data transmission engineering and operations; and cellular, wireless, and mobile radios; conferencing.


Application / Database / Web Services

CMMI compliant processes and procedures, Software Engineering and Development, User Interface, Data Processing and Data Analysis for Mission and Scientific applications, Integration with Commercial Off-The Shelf (COTS) applications, Database Development & Maintenance

Governance / Enterprise Architecture

IT Portfolio Management, Enterprise and System Architecture, IT Strategic Planning, IT Technical Assessments, IT Governance.


Information Assurance / IT Security

Expertise in Information Assurance Architecture and Integration, Information Systems Security Engineering, Certification and Accreditation, Security Assessments, Cyber Threat Assessments, Technical Vulnerability Assessments, Disaster Recovery, Risk Management.

IT Projects

External Time Reference Network

Arcata’s Link 16 Team played a key role in the engineering of a satellite based External Time Reference (ETR) network on range which provides warfighters the ability to transition between Areas of Responsibility without having to change Link 16 networks or...

Range Base Backup System

To ensure that a critical range safety system at the base had full redundancy, Arcata IT engineers and system administrators designed and implemented a secondary backup system at an off-site location. They leveraged an existing network and virtual machine...