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Who We Support

With a talented workforce that prides itself on preparation and hard work, customers rely on Arcata to support Large Force Exercises and missions, track test aircraft, and collect data from scientific payloads. With one of a kind high profile missions, our work is highly visible with little room for error.  We are thankful that our customers trust us to find solutions to their most challenging problems.

Military Test & Training

For decades, Arcata has provided mission-critical support to our military customers, including U.S. Airforce, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and DoD. Our support encompasses engineering and operations and maintenance, to transportation, logistics, and acquisition.   We are actively involved in critical ongoing military projects at China Lake Range; Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex; National Training Center;  Nevada Test & Training Range;  Point Mugu Sea Range; and Utah Test and Training Range.

Photo courtesy of USAF

Space Operations

Arcata has worked with NASA for over 30 years in space operations.  Our NASA story began with operations support of NASA’s Space Launch Complex at Vandenberg AFB to launch satellites into polar orbit.  Today, our space operations projects include providing communications to NASA and commercial astronauts as they orbit the earth and ensuring that data from payloads (scientific experiements) on the International Space Station are successfully transmitted back to earth to principal investigators.

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Aeronautics Research

Arcata has assisted NASA in its efforts to “meet future needs of the aviation community, the nation, and the world for safe, efficient, flexible, and environmentally sustainable air transportation for over 20 years. We traveled to Hawaii in 2002 to support a test of the Pathfinder Plus, a high altitude, solar-powered, unmanned experimental aircraft to better understand the possibilities of unlimited-duration, high altitude reconnaissance.  We supported the first tests of Unmanned Aerial Systems in the National Airspace in 2012.   More recently, we support NASA’s projects to reduce sonic booms of supersonic aircraft, test active aeroelastic control technologies, and investigate the use of electric propulsion-powered aircraft.

Photo courtesy of NASA

Arcata Customers


We have over 30+ years of experience supporting NASA in Space Exploration, Space Operations, Aeronautics Research, and Science.

US Air Force

We assist the U.S. Air Force in providing aircrew training support, and the development and testing of next-generation aircraft/systems.

US Army

We assist the U.S. Army’s Armor, Aviation, Air Defense Artillery, Field Artillery, and Infantry branches test and training exercises.

US Navy

We have supported surface ship and aircrew test and training exercises for the U.S. Navy and Allied forces for almost two decades.

Department of Defense (DoD)

We provide Operational Test & Evaluation (OT&E) support for joint Large Force Exercises and Tests.

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“When I applied to Arcata, I had worked in the commercial industry for three years and then in the defense industry for four years.  I had felt my work in the defense industry was making a difference for our country and found it more rewarding than my commercial work.  At the time, I was working for a different contractor on Nellis, so Arcata’s reputation and work appealed to me.  I also liked the idea of working for a smaller company because I would have a greater possibility of providing a direct impact to the company’s success.”

– Garry, Lead Software Engineer